CU@WORK Youth Apprenticeship Program

The Kentucky Credit Union League and the Kentucky Education Workforce Development Cabinet have teamed up to provide students a pathway into the financial services industry.

Beginning January 2022, high school students at select pilot sites in Business Education pathways will be able to choose a Teller TRACK (Tech Ready Apprentices for Careers in Kentucky) which will lead to a nationally recognized apprenticeship certificate as a Teller.

What is the CU@Work Youth Apprenticeship Program?

The CU@Work Youth Apprenticeship Program provides a learning pathway, utilizing on-the-job supervised training combined with specified coursework.  The apprenticeship can begin during the student’s Junior year.  Students will work at an actual credit union.  It’s a great way for young adults to gain a qualification and begin a career while earning an entry-level wage. 

Why work for a credit union?

Credit unions offer many of same products and services of a traditional bank.   The biggest difference is that credit unions are more member-focused and are not-for-profit.  Credit unions care more about helping people achieve their financial goals than about making a profit.  When you work for a credit union, you are improving the well-being of your family, friends and community.  

What is expected of the employer?

During the apprenticeship period, the credit union will provide 2,000 hours of on-the-job work/training.  The 2,000 hours may be completed even after graduating high school.  The credit union will also assign a workplace mentor to the student.

What is the work process schedule?

The student will be responsible for providing financial services such as deposits, cash transactions, and discussing credit union benefits with credit union members.  

How do you become an apprentice?

Interested students can discuss the program with their teacher. If selected, you will be required to complete 150 hours of related trade instruction while in school. 

Over 2,300 people call Kentucky Credit Unions home for their careers creating a wonderful culture of “People Helping People." 

If you're looking for an opportunity to build a financial career while helping to serve, build, and grow your community, then a Credit Union would be a great place for you!


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