Governmental Affairs & Advocacy

Your League is the only association in Kentucky advocating for Kentucky's Credit Unions. We work locally to remove barriers in the best interest of our credit unions and their members. From tracking bills to having an on-site presence in Frankfort, we always have our ear to the ground.

In addition to working at the local level, your League works nationally to represent credit unions’ best interests. In partnership with our national trade association, the Credit Union National Association (CUNA), the League is part of a 360° Advocacy system creating awareness, fostering service excellence, and removing barriers.


Get Involved

Between your League and the Credit Union National Association, credit unions in Kentucky have professional lobbyists watching out for credit unions day-in and day-out in Frankfort and Washington.

However, the most important voice to an elected official is you, the constituent. Legislators pay attention to the people who are potentially voting for them, and that is why you - the grassroots activist - are so important. You can tell the story of your credit union better than anyone else, and we need you to build relationships with your lawmakers and to lobby in Frankfort and Washington.

Capital Club

Credit Union Legislative Action Council (CULAC)

CUNA Member Activation Program (MAP)

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