Value of League Affiliation

What does belonging to the League mean?

The answer could be simple - to protect, perfect, perpetuate and publicize the credit unions in Kentucky - but this would be an incomplete answer to the question. The moment you pay your dues, you become a partner in a system forming a state, national and international network of credit unions that has been in existence for over 150 years.  The staff at the Kentucky Credit Union League works together to provide Kentucky's credit unions with professional services you can rely on.

How important is the League to your Credit Union?

League affiliation plays a vital role in the credit union movement.  It provides Kentucky credit unions with the assurance that their issues will be represented locally and nationally, that they will receive valuable information to operate their credit union in a timely manner and that they will have opportunities for quality education at reasonable costs.  While some services are easy to describe, many things are hard to place a dollar figure on.

Value of CUNA Affiliation

The Kentucky Credit Union League has never been more committed to coordinating with CUNA and the League System to advance issues of importance to the credit union movement. We strongly encourage credit unions to affiliate with the Kentucky Credit Union League and CUNA. The combined power of a national association, state leagues, member credit unions and more than 110 million members form an unequaled network looking out for credit unions’ best interests. We are stronger—and better—together.

CUNA works with the Leagues to:

  • Remove barriers on the federal, state, and local level and fight regulatory burden
  • Answer compliance questions and provide professional training and resources
  • Advance a positive credit union message
  • Provide training and resources for credit union leaders, staff and volunteers
  • Join forces to defeat state-level, anti-credit union initiatives

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