The Raiffeisen Group
108 N. 8th Street, Richmond, VA 23219
(601) 487-0305

The Raiffeisen Group, LLC (TRGroup) is a collaboration of seven state leagues utilizing our collective strength to bring the best-of-class products, services and service to credit unions at the lowest possible cost. Our mission is to empower credit unions to better serve their members, build loyalty, expand market share, realize savings on certain operational functions, and grow revenue. We are committed to providing credit unions with state associations where they have the greatest level of input, ownership and control.

TRGroup was formed by the trade associations serving credit unions in Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. Affiliated credit unions in those seven states boast a combined 10 million members, $100 billion in assets, and 25,000 employees.

We understand the importance of developing your credit union's staff and volunteers, so offering professional development and unique certification programs will be a priority of TRGroup.

TRGroup is currently researching and in discussion with several companies that share a similar mission of helping credit unions increase performance, improve efficiencies, and ultimately better serve your members.

With 800 credit unions, TRGroup has the ability to negotiate better pricing with vendor-partners. In return, we will pass those savings to credit unions that choose to do business with us.

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