Lending Solutions


Lending Program

A successful lending program is critical to a credit union’s future, but the challenges can be daunting. Shifting economic conditions impact program performance and member needs; constantly evolving digital and legacy system options create integration issues making it more difficult to fully engage members, and risk mitigation concerns seem to continually grow.

Your Keys to Succeed
To address these challenges, driven by your members' rapid shift to a fully digital mindset, there are four key strategies to consider:

  • Business Model Evolution: Adapt traditional face-to-face processes to today’s integrated digital reality.
  • Strategic Growth: Engage consumers in new ways with strategies that grow membership, drive overall growth.
  • Streamlined Solutions: Deliver products and services that are easy to use, and easy for you to implement, support, and maintain.
  • Technology: Explore new ways to expand member channels, differentiate your business, meet member expectations, and analyze and secure data.

Lending Products

TruStage's current lending program can help you grow your business and expand your membership.



The Future of Commercial Lending Software, Now

As corporate customers and investors adapt to more digital experiences in their personal lives, the desire for instant, digital access to information and services from their bankers has also grown.

With FIS’ commercial lending software solutions, you can deliver that exceptional customer experience and reduce costs at the same time. Whether you’re working with a small-to-medium enterprise or a complex multinational corporation, you can choose from a complete solution for the entire commercial loan servicing process or specific modules based on your individual needs.



Kasasa Loans®
The only loan with take-backs 

You know it’s smart to pay off your loan faster. But what if you need that money later? Now you can pay ahead to save on interest and still have access to those extra funds if you need them. It’s the Kasasa Loan, the first-ever take-back loan.




Accurate values and insights to drive your success

As a finance professional, the success of your credit union rests on making sound decisions – and those decisions can only be as good as the data on which they are based. That’s why J.D. Power Valuation Services provides objective, unbiased and accurate values and insights trusted by clients across the nation's leading banks, credit unions, finance companies and beyond.

Kentucky Credit Union League can save your credit union money on top of NADA’s direct pricing. NADA also continues to be the industry leader when providing accurate collateral valuations for secured lending.

Credit Union Assets Monthly NADA Pricing
< $10 million $20
$10-$20 million $35
$20 - $50 million $50
$50 - $100 million $55
> $100 million $60
Out of State $60
If over 250 monthly valuations: $.38 per valuation




Newtek Business Services Corp. is a different kind of company.

Newtek provides SBA-guaranteed small business loans, accounts receivable financing and commercial real estate financing. You can offer these services to your small business members with no credit risk, no new expenses and no additional staff. Funds can be used for a wide range of business needs, including:

  • Purchase or refinance commercial real estate
  • Open, expand or acquire a business
  • Working capital
  • Purchase equipment
  • Make leasehold improvements
  • Refinance existing business debt

Even if you have a commercial lending program, Newtek can help you offer small business loans from $50,000 to $5,000,000 to a wider range of members. You may pass on loans that come across your desk for a variety of reasons—see non-interest income from those existing relationships by connecting that member with Newtek.



KNOCK KNOCK platform

The KNOCK KNOCK Platform is the first bilateral lending platform in the Financial Services industry. The platform provides a means for consumers to Reset existing loans and open up new loans at the click of a button. 

There are 16 different solutions that consist of Reset, Pre-Approval, Instant Pre-Qualification, and Home Loan Pre-Check.

Digital loan pre-approval

Digital pre-approval is the only multi-dimensional solution that allows a credit union to offer a member pre-approved products and provide your members with a means to fully understand the offer, make choices and execute the documents.

Eliminate the tedious application process, control of who receives an offer and give members the control to open up a new loan in just a few clicks.



We’re the strategic partner community financial institutions can rely on.

The Servion Group partners with credit unions across the U.S. to help them grow their businesses and make positive impacts on their members. We empower your institution to succeed by supplying a diverse set of solutions spanning mortgage, real estate, financial advisory, commercial lending, and residential and commercial title.  




Model Management System

Zest's Model Management System offers everything you need for effective credit model management and easy AI adoption. With Zest, credit unions can build, adopt, and operate powerful, compliant AI credit models swiftly and easily.

Lenders have used the Zest Model Management System across credit products and lines of business:

  • Auto finance
  • Personal loans
  • Credit cards
  • Student loans
  • Mortgage

Credit unions use Zest software across multiple use cases to achieve goals such as:

  • More originations
  • Efficient collections
  • Smarter portfolio risk