Compliance & Risk Management

CU PolicyPro® is an online system with more than 230 detailed model policies to help your credit unions manage today’s ongoing compliance and operational challenges. Together with InfoSight and ComplySight, credit unions will have a comprehensive suite of policies, regulatory compliance guidance, and compliance and complaint management tools written especially for credit unions by legal and financial experts at their disposal.

This is a dues-supported service for League-affiliated credit unions.



Financial Standards Group, Inc. (FSG) and CPA LLC is a company whose sole purpose is to provide the finest quality auditing services available to the credit union system at the most competitive price possible. Our goal is to bring superior auditing services within the reach of all credit unions, not just those with the financial resources to afford expensive external audits.
  • CPA opinion audits
  • Supervisory Committee audits (also known as Agreed Upon Procedures)
  • Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) compliance audits
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) compliance audits
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) risk assessments
  • Secure and Fair Enforcement of Mortgages Licensing Act ​​(SAFE Act) compliance audits
  • Member Account Verification Audits
  • Internal auditing services
  • Fraud investigations/reviews


  • Risk Management consulting
  • Merger planning
  • IRS 990 tax filings
  • Supervisory Committee and Board training
  • Change of Management reviews


Online Credit Union Compliance Information
InfoSight is an easy-to-use compliance solution to help credit unions stay compliant in an ever-changing regulatory environment. Credit unions need up-to-date compliance information on a daily basis, and that's just what InfoSight provides.

This is a dues-supported service for League-affiliated credit unions.



Cash Audits

Did you know your League can perform cash audits for your credit union?  

This program would benefit your Credit Union by taking the burden of auditing off of your Volunteers. The basic program would contain an audit of the cash at each branch, including vault, teller cash and cash dispensers. 

All items audited would be compared to the branch’s records for the day of the audit. Any out-of-balance situations would be reported verbally to the branch manager at the end of the audit with a complete written report to follow the same day. 

The branch cash audit program would be performed by staff of the Kentucky Credit Union League. All audits will be “surprise” audits. The timing of the audit will be before the branch opens for business.



Kentucky's credit unions can count on the aorneys of Woods Rogers to answer tough questions regarding Employment Law and Regulatory  Compliance. This is a dues-supported service for League-affiliated credit unions.

Labor & Employment
Woods Rogers is well-versed in federal contracting rules that apply to credit unions, as well as the issues human resources professionals encounter on a daily basis—from evaluating employee performance fairly and lawfully, to document retention policies, social media use guidelines and more.

Contact the HR & Employment Hotline:
+1 540-983-7674

Regulatory Compliance
As the pace of regulatory changes increases, it is more important than ever for credit unions to remain up to date and compliant. From truth-in-lending and mortgages to fair lending and deposit services, Woods Rogers can assist credit unions with up-to-date compliance responsibilities.

Contact the Compliance Hotline:
[email protected]
+1 540-983-7502


A membership benefit for CUNA- and League-affiliated credit unions, this federal and state regulation change tool provides alerts, guided workflows and an advertising review tool.

  • Document management & evidence tracking
  • Compliance risk assessment
  • Easy-to-use dashboard that keeps information at your fingertips
  • State & federal alerts
  • Guided workflows
  • Advertising compliance review tool

This is a dues-supported service for CUNA-affiliated credit unions.




Comprehensive Overdraft Consulting

JMFA NEXT GENERATION OVERDRAFT PRIVILEGE® delivers for credit unions across the country. With the latest overdraft program innovations—including up-to-date compliance, process automation, in-depth reporting and ongoing training—JMFA’s overdraft program is a top-of-the-market solution for credit unions. 

On average, JMFA clients see a 135% lift in non-interest income. Protect and strengthen revenue all while offering members a better service. 

Why we like this service: 

  • Starts with a free analysis
  • Benefits you and your members
  • Performance-based pricing
  • Ongoing training and support
  • Confidence in compliance


Centralize, automate, assess and report on vendors.

Venminder’s platform provides your credit union with all the capabilities to run a successful program that is aligned to today’s best practices and enables you to meet strict regulatory guidelines.

It allows your credit union to effectively and efficiently organize, track and report findings on your vendors throughout the lifecycle of the relationship. It guides through critical processes such as contract management, risk assessments, due diligence requirements, questionnaires and task management.

Why we like this platform:

  • Unlimited users, vendors and contracts: Built for collaboration, there is no limit on users, vendors or contracts you manage, Venminder customers use the software for anywhere from 10 to 14,000+ vendors.
  • Configurable to fit your model: The software is flexible and can be easily configured (code-free) to fit your credit union’s unique processes.
  • Scalable to grow with your program: As your program grows and matures, the software has all the functionality and features to meet your program’s growing needs.
  • Robust custom reporting tool: Fully customize, track and schedule reports to have clear visibility to make decisions more efficiently. Dashboards also help centralize quick actions and analytics.



Model Management System

Zest's Model Management System offers everything you need for effective credit model management and easy AI adoption. With Zest, credit unions can build, adopt, and operate powerful, compliant AI credit models swiftly and easily.

Lenders have used the Zest Model Management System across credit products and lines of business:

  • Auto finance
  • Personal loans
  • Credit cards
  • Student loans
  • Mortgage

Credit unions use Zest software across multiple use cases to achieve goals such as:

  • More originations
  • Efficient collections
  • Smarter portfolio risk