Bankable Fintech

We are excited to announce that our new fintech partnership is ready to roll out.  Your League, along with the other state leagues from The Raiffeisen Group (TRGroup), made an investment in Bankable Fintech in order to bring to our member credit unions a leading platform that transforms the fintech partnership process.  The proprietary technology platform automates the process of finding, evaluating, and buying fintech/vendor solutions with proven results, saving credit union executives both time and money.  The platform is available to all member credit unions as a dues-based service.

Bankable Fintech also has a Community Networking Platform for developing ideas and reviewing resources.  This is available to all member CEOs and your senior teams.  You, and your senior team, will be pre-enrolled and sent an invitation to register for Bankable but will not be solicited by Bankable Fintech, nor will your information be shared with any vendors.   


To kick off this exciting new partnership, Bankable Fintech and your League will be hosting a virtual webinar on the new platform.  Save the date for June 28th from 12:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. EDT.  The event will include bite-size expert insights from a spectrum of regulatory, industry, and investing experts including:

  • NCUA Board Member Rodney Hood
  • Founder and form CEO of The Bancorp Bank, Betsy Cohen
  • Founder and CEO of Open Lending, John Flynn
  • President and Managing Director of CMFG Ventures, Brian Kaas