Wendell W. Lyons Advocacy in Action Award

Many credit unions are actively building relationships with and educating policymakers on issues important to credit unions and their members. Because successful advocacy depends on action by public policy-making bodies such as legislators and regulators, the Association seeks to recognize the grassroots efforts of outstanding credit union advocates who consistently and successfully promote credit union issues and make a positive impact on elected and appointed officials.

The Association’s Advocacy in Action Award will be bestowed on an individual, credit union or a team, such as a Chapter or credit union group, that meet the award criteria. This award will may not be given out annually.

Award Nomination

A separate nomination form is required. Please email completed nomination to Sabrina Orkies or mail to:

Kentucky Credit Union League, Inc
5111 Commerce Crossings Dr., Suite 210
Louisville, KY 40229
Attn: Executive Committee

Award Criteria

The Association’s Advocacy in Action Award recognizes an individual, credit union team or credit union that have made advancements in engaging state or federal lawmakers or regulators to promote the Association’s priority credit union issues and participates in the grassroots key contact program.

All nominations will be considered. Priority consideration will be given to those that advance strategic legislative or regulatory goals specifically focusing on:

  • Developing and cultivating relationships with policymakers who serve on committees of primary jurisdiction for credit unions, including leadership

  • Building relationships with candidates and/or newly elected officials supporting credit union issues and philosophy

  • Engaged in activities such as in-district meetings, hike the hill, town halls, roundtables, face-to-face interactions, grassroots events, action alert opportunities, and political fundraising (personal contributions to KYCUPAC and when applicable to candidates who support credit unions) which culminate over time and convey sincerity, effort and intensity as components of relationship building and influence

  • Activities, such as interviews, speeches to businesses, presentations to opinion leaders, which educate external audiences about credit unions

  • Grassroots key contact engagement, which helps mobilize the members of credit unions quickly in support of or against a position sought by credit unions, and action upon legislative, regulatory and grassroots alerts

  • Inspires others, such as young professionals, to make a difference in advocacy

  • Grassroots campaign support to candidates for public office supportive of credit unions and credit union issues

  • Encourage adoption of a formal declaration of commitment to non-partisan political involvement by formal board policy 

  • Encourage and/or provide activities such as credit union tours by state and federal legislators and candidates

Selection Process

Any Association member can nominate another individual or team. Self-nominations are also welcome. A completed nomination form is required. The Association will review all nominations and select the winner.


The Executive Committee of the Kentucky Credit Union League shall judge the nomination(s).


The winner will receive recognition at the Kentucky Credit Union League Annual Meeting. An award announcement will be sent to media outlets and to the award winner’s state and federal policymakers.

Submit the Nomination Form NO LATER THAN MAY 17, 2023.