Southeast Regional Directors Conference Education Sessions

Sunday, July 21 | Monday, July 22 | Tuesday, July 23 | Wednesday July 24

Sunday, July 21

Pre-Conference Workshop: BSA Update & Annual Training - Eileen Burden

Boards of Directors must have adequate BSA/AML training in order to understand the requirements, the risks and the ramifications of noncompliance. This session is intended to give Volunteers an overview of the general requirements and the most updated information regarding the “hot” buttons for examiners in 2019. This is an excellent opportunity for those Volunteers who have not had previous training, and for those who have, to be updated on the changes and new expectations.


Monday, July 22

Change, Courage, Confidence - Denise Gabel

There are three primary types of change in an organization: strategic, structural, and cultural. What role does the Board play in innovation and change? How can we measure our organization's innovation competency? What does an evolutionary Board that is capable of leading change look like? We'll explore the strategic connection between the individual Board member's competencies and how all the individuals together create a courageous and confident Board.

Reforming Executive Compensation & Succession Planning - Richard Leblanc

The average Board spends only two hours a year on their most important responsibility, which is to hire and fire the CEO. There is also a weak overall relationship between firm performance and CEO pay. The obvious question is “why”?

In this session, Dr. Leblanc will cover:

  • Red flags and why Boards fail at CEO Succession;
  • The Strategic Plan as a first step;
  • What Emergency and Permanent CEO succession looks like;
  • Models of CEO Succession, including Internal, External, L shaped, and Horse Race;
  • The role of the current CEO;
  • CEO Evaluaation and Contract;
  • Linking strategic performance to incentive pay: Best practices;
  • Getting emotional, skipping steps, and undue influence leads to failure; and
  • Risk-adjusted compensation for Management: A primer for Directors.


Roundtable Breakout Sessions for Board & Volunteers - Denise Gabel & Richard Leblanc

The credit union movement needs capable leaders to work together to ensure a prosperous future. In this breakout session, directors and volunteers will discuss the current issues facing our movement.

Let’s Change Behavior! - Alan Reyes

Most people already know what they have to do to increase their production, learn something new, lose a few pounds. But still, they continue with the same behavior day after day. Their desire to change is no match for the distractions, day to day hassles, and ingrained habits that invevitably get in the way. Once you understand how your subconscious mind drives most of your behavior – good and bad, you can easily take conscious control of it to instill the productive habits of the most successful people. In this wildly entertaining keynote, Alan shows you how to acquire the productive habits of truly exceptional performers.

Cybersecurity: Culture - Jason Duke & Ben Brady

The security of your digital assets is paramount to keeping member data safe and conducting business. Credit Unions spend millions of dollars annually on firewalls, anti-virus software, software and operating system updates to prevent malware and spyware from affecting operations. Hundreds of new threats emerge every day and add to the skyrocketing costs of keeping our data safe from hackers.

On the other hand, what is the corporate culture of our employees in regard to cybersecurity? In order to “Secure the Human”, we must develop an atmosphere of constant reinforcement to develop a culture of “good cyber citizenship” for the most important assets of the organization.

Most of us have read documents pertaining to cybersecurity and sat through presentations that tell you why cybersecurity matters to your organization. With Jason and Ben’s presentation, you will be enlightened to an entire new level as they interact with the audience on cybersecurity issues, answer questions and educate attendees on why cybersecurity is important to us all and how to develop a Cybersecurity: Culture.


Tuesday, July 23

Leading Through Adversity - Timothy Alexander

Timothy knows what it takes to beat the odds. No matter what obstacle comes his way, he’s determined to never quit. His drive helped him become a college football player when many believed that dream was impossible due to a car accident that left him paralyzed. 

During Timothy’s session, he will tell his story and challenge those in attendance to live a life of residency. He is a living example of the phrase, "We don’t need it to be easy, we just need it to be possible." 

Things You Can Do to Get Sued - Carlos Molina

Allegations and litigation related to employment practices charges continue to increase. In fact, credit unions should have a clear, written employment practices policy; train managers, employees, and volunteers to follow it; and provide a safe pathway for employees to file complaints when the policy is violated. And, handling them appropriately can make all the difference between an easy discussion and a lawsuit. This session covers loss trends and emerging risks resulting from core HR functions related to hiring, firing, and everything in between.

Preparing for CECL - Scott Blakeslee

The Current Expected Credit Losses (CECL) model will significantly change how credit unions view their loan loss reserves.  This session will offer a brief overview of the standard.  We will discuss the basics of implementation, as well as, common implementation challenges.  Finally, we will take a peek behind the supervisory curtain and review some of the most up to date discussions taking place amongst the regulatory bodies.  


Wednesday, July 24

Five Generations and One Amazing Place to Work Leveraging Multi-Generational Diversity - Crystal Jonas

Traditionals, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and iGen working together are making work more exciting than ever! What can each of you do to more fully understand each other’s communication and work style to ensure that work will be a joy and your members will be well served? This fun, energizing and interactive keynote will enlighten, delight and inspire each of your participants as they become more fully aware of why all of us act as we do and how we can more fully value, appreciate and leverage our differences.