Operational Strategies


Credit Union Protection Suite

CUNA Mutual Group’s Credit Union Protection Suite delivers a coordinated solution of business protection policies and risk management services. The suite helps you avoid the risky gaps and inefficient overlaps that can unintentionally occur when a protection portfolio is put together with multiple unconnected providers. You will be better prepared for a loss by relying on a single protection team that has helped manage over 10,131 losses1 for 2,391 credit unions2 in the last year alone. You can further mitigate the risk of loss with risk management services designed specifically for credit unions by the credit union market leader.



ClickSWITCH is a digital deposit growth solution for financial institutions that simplifies the process of bringing new account holders onboard by quickly, safely and efficiently switching direct deposits and automatic payments to new accounts.




It's a simple equation: the better the employees you have running your credit union, the better experience your members will have. Your people are the face of your credit union. They are the ones who help close the deal with prospective members and build wallet share with current members.

To attract and retain the best people, you need to provide them with competitive salaries and compensation packages. Compease® gives you the tools you need.

Poor compensation management produces poor employees.

Effective compensation management is closely linked to positive employee performance. Organizations are in competition with one another to acquire and invest in the best possible employees for the most efficient cost.

Good employees are the lifeblood of a healthy organization...so, why handle their compensation without guidance?

Managing salaries without professional help may seem like a way of saving money, but ultimately it ends up being an inefficient process that can negatively affect recruitment and retention.

That's why you need Performance Solutions' ultimate compensation system: Compease.

Compease is a total employee compensation solution that provides employers with the tools, information and consulting needed to manage salary administration with ease and confidence. The system is user-friendly and generates simple-to-absorb reports. We designed Compease to help credit unions ensure their compensation programs are market-competitive and will allow them to attract and retain top talent.

What's so special?

Our Compease system provides more trusted salary data sources (nearly 700 credit unions) than any other compensation software and is the only one to use salary data from CUNA. Our team will build custom systems for any credit union, factoring in individual position responsibilities, location, size and industry.


  • Job evaluation system – Eight compensable factors allow easy job responsibilities comparisons
  • Salary grades and ranges – Supports up to 24 salary grades, with extensive salary data specific to industry, size and geographic location
  • Merit increase planning – Individual merit increase guidelines are developed and projected for the entire organization
  • Compensation management – Extensive reporting capabilities include compa-ratios and current/projected salaries for individuals
  • Salary updates – Annual salary data updates ensure your compensation plan remains competitive
  • Job descriptions – Compease includes proforma job descriptions
  • Compensation consulting expertise – Customized salary data analysis and plan development by a certified compensation consulting specialist
  • Onsite system implementation and user training – We come to you

Custom HR Consulting

Our Custom HR Consulting takes an in-depth review of every job description within an organization and compares it to the existing organization chart to ensure comparable positions are paid similar salary ranges. The result is a competitive salary structure, based on market data, that is also internally equitable. In today’s hot labor market, this has never been more important to keep valuable employees and attract the best talent.

No matter the size of your credit union, we can leverage leading compensation data to help you compete for top talent with larger organizations, as well as give you confidence that your salary ranges are in line with the market.





CNote is a technology platform that provides a sustainable flow of non-member deposits that are low-cost and deliver consistent value. This service is available at no cost to CUNA member credit unions as arranged by CUNA Strategic Services.

Who is CNote?

CNote’s community investment technology connects credit unions to non-member deposit opportunities. A women-led social enterprise on a mission to close the wealth gap in the United States, CNote has made it easier for individuals and large institutions like Mastercard, PayPal and Sierra Club to move deposits into mission-aligned credit unions. 

How a strategic alliance with CNote benefits credit unions

Think of CNote technology as the “pipes” that unlock competitive and impactful community investments across America. The CNote Promise Account is a cash management solution designed as a single management point for institutions and corporations to make for deposits with positive social impact. These deposits come to your credit union via CNote for you to utilize as you support members in your community.

Why choose CNote

Along with new deposit opportunities, CNote fosters partnerships between corporate investors and credit unions that can open doors to investments, grants, new members, partnerships and media opportunities.

In furtherance of their mission to build a more inclusive economy, CNote prioritizes credit union partners and the needs of the communities they serve. They believe the path to increased financial inclusion is through the robust support of community-centered financial institutions like yours.

Key benefits of working with CNote include:

  • Scalable - Like a faucet, you can dial up or down the flow of capital to your institution
  • Mission-aligned - CNote investors are deeply aligned with your mission and want to maximize for positive social impact
  • Flexible - CNote investors provide patient, long-term capital commitments to help your organization grow
  • Free - Credit unions are not charged any fees to participate


CO-OP Shared Branching Program

Few credit unions, regardless of size, have the resources necessary to open and operate enough of their own branch offices to adequately serve their current members and potential members. The CO-OP Shared Branching Program is designed to overcome this by developing a nationwide network of shared branches to provide service more efficiently to all credit unions members. The shared branch locations are electronically linked allowing members of participating credit unions to use any shared branch location in the network to conduct business as if they were at a branch of their own credit union. A credit union with an under-utilized branch office may open one or all of its locations as an “Outlet” to serve members of participating credit unions while reducing their overhead costs of operations.



Text Messaging Service

The Eltropy platform allows credit unions to communicate with their members using text messaging and timely, relevant content. 

Key features include:

Text Messaging

  • Two-way Texts: Quickly and efficiently engage with members with secure, compliant 1:1 text conversations.
  • Landline & Toll-free Texting: Streamline communication by enabling texting on existing landline or toll-free numbers
  • Group Texts: Initiate group texting/SMS campaigns with opted-in members.
  • Text Alerts: Send loan application and debt payment reminders, loan status updates and more.
  • Auto-Reply: Set auto-replies when employees are unavailable or out of the office. 

Document Collection

  • DocuSign via Text: Send documents over text for fast and secure e-sign.

Compliance and Security

  • Eltropy’s team of compliance experts helps your Credit Union comply with complex regulations so you can focus on engagement.

Business Intelligence

  • In-depth Member Insight: See who has viewed content, how long they engaged, if they forwarded it and more.

Content Management

  • Easy-to-use Smart CMS helps you choose the most relevant content to share.




Financial Standards Group, Inc. (FSG) and CPA LLC is a company whose sole purpose is to provide the finest quality auditing services available to the credit union system at the most competitive price possible. Our goal is to bring superior auditing services within the reach of all credit unions, not just those with the financial resources to afford expensive external audits.


  • Management advisory services
  • Executive retirement plan consulting
  • Business and Strategic Planning assistance
  • Changing / updating policies assistance
  • Internal control reviews
  • Interim contacts (quarterly, semi-annual or as-needed), such as:
    • Cash counts
    • Closed account reviews
    • New account reviews
    • File Maintenance reviews
    • Employee and Official account reviews
    • Loan reviews
    • Accounting reconcilement reviews

interface.ai is a market-leading provider of Intelligent Self-Service for credit unions. interface’s Artificial Intelligence acts as a “personal bank teller” to help members 24/7 through every step of their journey from being a prospect to achieving financial wellness.

interface.ai currently powers several credit unions across North America, has enabled millions of dollars in savings for its CU customers, and is one of the fastest-growing credit union providers, growing at over 1500% just in the last year. 

How a strategic alliance with interface.ai benefits credit unions

Self-service was never designed for the challenges of the new normal.

Since the pandemic, CUs are observing a sustained increase in call volumes, significant abandonment rates in the range of 20 to 30%, increased call wait times by 15% to 20%, issues with hiring for member support roles, & increased instances of fraud.

Given these challenges, interface.ai has introduced a new suite of products that will not only solve these issues but will also help CUs to leapfrog from digital to Intelligent Self-Service.

Intelligent Self-Service will enable CUs to create efficiencies through automation, have highly personalized member communications, offer industry-best security, and also create new sources of revenues.

As part of the Intelligent Self-Service suite, interface.ai’s flagship product — the ‘AI-powered Phone Banking’, where the AI is available on the call center, is a solution that has won numerous awards, including the CUNA Councils & Finovate ‘Best of Show’ awards. This solution has been revolutionizing credit union call centers by "transforming call centers from a cost center to a revenue center".

With this solution credit unions can :

  • Provide instant responses to members 24/7
  • Ensure zero call wait times and abandonment rates, instantly improving service levels
  • Instantly improve service levels
  • Offer human-like experiences while automating over 60% of calls within 60 days
  • Be compliant with the new FFIEC guidelines by providing the highest level of security

Why is interface.ai the top choice for credit unions? 

With superior natural language processing capabilities and over 60+ out of the box solutions designed for credit unions, here is why else credit unions are choosing interface.ai: 

  • Credit Union Core: The founding team hailing from a credit union background.
  • Pay for Performance: With interface.ai, you only pay when the member inquiry is automated. Otherwise, you don't.
  • AI Fine-Tuning (Fully-Managed Service) at no cost: interface.ai provides a dedicated team to improve your AI on an ongoing basis. This includes implementation, setup & maintenance, ongoing AI training, and any new integrations at no cost.


Vendor Contract Negotiations

Contract negotiations can mean big savings, especially when you have an expert by your side. JMFA Contract Optimizer offers a free expert analysis of your current contracts to uncover savings opportunities and improve service levels. It’s fast, easy, risk-free and has a 98% success rate in helping credit unions improve their bottom line without reducing services or increasing fees.

Have confidence you’re getting the very best from each vendor when it comes to pricing, service and support, terms and conditions and more. 

Why we like this service:

  • Starts with a no-cost assessment
  • 100% contingency-based service
  • You only pay JMFA a portion of what they save you
  • Saves you time and money


Performance Pro logo       

Align Employee Performance with Organizational Strategies


The best employees, in a credit union and pretty much every other organization in the world, are those who understand their role and how they are supposed to execute it. They're the people whose work contributes toward the common goal of making your credit union great.

With Performance Pro™, you can bring a plan to your credit union that lays out employee expectations and helps your people meet those expectations. Because clarity helps your people and your business.

An organization's performance is only as good as its employee performance management.

To get the most out of your employees, they need to feel valued. One of the best ways to demonstrate that value is to set up achievable, performance-based goals that give employees an incentive to work hard while maintaining the overall objective of the company. Because when working properly, employee personal goals should be in line with, and directly feed into, an organization's strategic goals.

That's why it's paramount that employee performance management is well planned, concise and consistent. Tracking performance manually with spreadsheets and word-processing documents is imprecise and difficult to maintain. You need professional-grade software that can efficiently align employee and organizational goals.

You need Performance Pro.

Performance Pro provides credit unions of all sizes with best-in-class performance management technology to improve employee performance and engagement. The system automates and can drastically help simplify the HR department's workload by eliminating repetitive administrative tasks and by streamlining and archiving all interactions between management and employees — focusing on strategic initiatives instead. You'll get the most out of your employees while your credit union continues to stay nimble.

What sets Performance Pro apart?

Performance Pro's easy-to-use system provides secure data hosting, goal libraries and intelligent performance factors that utilize strategic performance management to improve employee output. In addition to insightful dashboards and streamlined workflows, a new collection of HR metrics and reporting tools help credit unions leverage real-time, data-driven talent analytics.


  • An automated employee performance evaluation process
  • Customizable, automated email reminders, templates, employment action forms and more
  • Dashboards, workflows, writing assistants, legal checks, cascading goals and robust reporting
  • Fully automated to accommodate appraisals and ongoing performance management
  • 140+ defined performance factors with behaviorally anchored rating scales
  • 500+ customizable goals that can be cascaded and aligned with company objectives
  • 350+ customizable evaluation templates based on specific job titles
  • 600+ customizable job descriptions
  • A comprehensive library of manager resources for guidance on best practices

Performance Pro can benefit credit unions of any size. Whether you're looking to automate and simplify the HR department's workload, or use the system's advanced analytics tools to manage large amounts of internal data and build comparative visual models, Performance Pro can help.


Planning Pro logo

Planning Is the Map That Leads Your Credit Union in the Right Direction


Every business invests time and money into planning but that effort can be stressful and tedious. A strategic plan usually involves multiple team members who try to determine best practices while sifting through endless data, all in the attempt to maintain efficient progress reporting, create winning presentations and ensure accountability for various goals. Identifying – let alone monitoring — the plan's key priorities, goals and action items can be a full-time job. But what else can credit unions do?

Planning Pro is the answer to all your planning needs. Board, management and staff planning becomes a breeze. How? Planning Pro allows you to create your strategic plan as a living document, where you can create and automatically update presentations, use call report data to bring the right questions to the table, compare data with peer credit union groups, survey your employees and more — all while enjoying a simple, intuitive-user experience.

An annual burden.

There are few things as critical to your credit union's success (and your CAMELS rating) as your strategic plan. But strategic planning is a complex and exhaustive undertaking that involves everyone. It almost always requires several types of software for spreadsheets, documents and presentations. Research, surveys, competitive analysis…a tremendous amount of time is spent on developing, maintaining and updating a credit union's strategic plan.

But what if there is another way?

Planning Pro is an all-in-one tool that handles all your strategic board, management and staff planning in an automated process. It even generates your presentation from the data you plug in as you go! Need to survey your employees along the way? No problem, that capability is built-in, as are other key tools, like accountability tracking and progress reports. Better yet, Planning Pro helps you see that your goals and achievements are on par with your peers using comparative data from call reports.

Get rid of the clutter.

Instead of juggling numerous pieces of software, putting in late hours using company time and resources, and often still paying for outside consulting, you can streamline the entire process using Planning Pro's simple and efficient system. When you're satisfied with your strategic plan, you can export an automatically generated presentation (customized with your own branding) as a PDF or PowerPoint. It's that simple!


  • Design and update your strategic plan with multiple team members, using a single tool
  • Monitor team member progress on key priorities, goals, action items and more
  • Create and update presentations automatically
  • Create your own surveys any time
  • Best practice tools ensure that nothing falls through the cracks
  • Planning Pro takes the hassle, stress and tedium out of strategic planning and gives you confidence in board meetings


Level the Playing Field When Negotiating Long-Term Vendor Contracts

At many credit unions, vendor contract negotiation and management is assigned to someone who also has many other responsibilities. With more vendors in the marketplace; more competitive pressure to stay current with the latest innovations; and more complexity in the terms and conditions, this approach can impact the bottom line of an organization by more than nine percent on average.

Credit unions are looking for ways to be better equipped to negotiate multi-year, mission-critical vendor contracts. 



Trellance is a leading technology partner for credit unions, delivering innovative technology solutions to help credit unions achieve more. With a comprehensive suite of analytics, cloud and talent solutions, the Trellance team ensures credit unions increase efficiency, manage risk, and improve member experience. As a tech partner, Trellance ensures that credit unions have access to the latest generation of fintech solutions, filled with powerful tools such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Learn more at Trellance.com.



Vericast, through its Harland Clarke solutions for credit unions, is a leading provider of checks and member experience solutions.

Vericast is reimagining marketing solutions one business-to-human connection at a time. By influencing how over 120 million households eat, shop, buy, save and borrow, Vericast fuels commerce, drives economic growth and directly accelerates revenue potential for thousands of brands and businesses. While its award-winning portfolio of products, technology and solutions — including Illumis™Household Connect ™, Valassis Consumer Graph™ and Harland Clarke Checks — are a piece of the Vericast story, its people are the true differentiators; trailblazers in data intelligence, marketing services, transaction solutions, campaign management and media delivery.




Financial education app

Zogo is a gamified financial literacy app that pays users to learn about personal finance. Credit unions sponsor Zogo for their members and use it as a tool to help educate, engage and attract young adults.

Why we like this app:

  • Helps attract and retain younger members
  • Increases member loyalty
  • Teaches sound financial fundamentals
  • Rewards members for learning