Shared Branching

To provide convenience and accessibility several credit unions joined together to create the shared branching concept. There are currently two types of shared branches:

  • Service centers — that are stand-alone facilities, usually run by a credit union service organization or a state league, that accept transactions from members of participating network credit unions;
  • Outlets — that are credit unions that accept transactions from members of participating network credit unions.

A shared branch can be identified by the Credit Union Service Corporation logo (The Swirl). There are more than 500 locations nationwide, including Kentucky, where members can transact their credit union business using a live teller. These transactions include but are not limited to deposits, transfers, withdrawals, loan payments, etc. Shared branching offers locations nationally and regionally without the expense of building new branches.

Credit unions continue to create convenience and access for members in Kentucky through their support of the service center program. The service center program started in 1993 when credit unions joined forces to develop a system where members of different credit unions could access one convenient location to conduct their financial transactions

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