KYCUL Services, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Kentucky Credit Union League. The number one goal of KYCUL Services is to provide Kentucky credit unions with top-quality products and support services. KYCUL specializes in credit unions only and works hard to meet the unique needs of Kentucky credit unions.

An array of services is available to Kentucky credit unions at cost-effective prices. The staff of KYCUL is constantly looking for new products and services that will benefit credit unions, and they are always updating existing services to meet the ever-changing needs of its credit unions. In addition, the staff of KYCUL is always available to answer questions and offer assistance. The list of endorsed vendors is provided to show the products and services provided by KYCUL through their relationships with their business partners, endorsed vendors and strategic alliance partners.

For additional information on any of these services contact KYCUL Services, Inc. at (800) 333-5285, (502) 459-8023 ext. 217, by fax (502) 459-0189 or e-mail to

List of Endorsed Vendors

KYCUL Mission Statement

Kycul Services will market and sell to Kentucky credit unions and its members the highest quality, specialized services which may benefit both by using the experience of our management team, human resources and financial resources; and, also, those of our endorsed vendors, to maximize profits to benefit the Kentucky Credit Union League and all of its member credit unions.

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