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World Council Of Credit Unions (WOCCU)

The World Council of Credit Unions is the worldwide association of credit unions. It is dedicated to initiating, fostering and developing the credit union movement throughout the world.

The World Council is made up of confederations formed by individual credit union leagues and credit unions in geographic areas. Headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, the World Council serves over 100 million credit union members in nearly 100 countries.

Credit Union National Association (CUNA)

The Credit Union National Association (CUNA) is the United States confederation of credit unions and is headquartered in Washington D.C. and Madison, Wisconsin.

Credit Unions are members of CUNA through affiliation with the individual state leagues. A non-profit organization, CUNA, Inc is supported by annual dues based on the asset size and number of members of affiliated credit unions in each state. Each state is represented by its duly elected CUNA delegates who meet annually to conduct the business of CUNA. The day to day operations are administered by a president selected by the Board which is elected by and from the delegates.

Besides functioning as a repository for information of interest to credit unions and a source of supplies and information, CUNA is one of the primary advocates for credit unions on the Legislative and Regulatory front. The CUNA Washington, D.C. office monitors the Legislation and Regulation that concern credit unions and both keeps the credit unions informed of these items as well as helps interpret their impact and how to comply.

Regulatory Agencies

Kentucky Office of Financial Institutions

Kentucky's state chartered credit unions are regulated and supervised by the Kentucky Department of Financial Institutions in accordance with Chapter 290 of the Kentucky Revised Statutes.

Periodic examinations are conducted by examiners from the Department. These examiners check to see if the credit unions are operating in accordance with State law and their individual bylaws. The examiners also determine if a credit union's policies are being followed and the credit union is operating under sound business practices.

The League works closely with the Department to improve and strengthen State credit union legislation and, in general, to promote and enhance the movement in Kentucky.

National Credit Union Administration (NCUA)

Federally chartered credit unions in Kentucky come under the supervision of the NCUA, an independent agency of the executive branch of the federal government.

The NCUA's primary functions are to charter, supervise and examine Federally chartered credit unions and to examine all federally insured credit unions (all Kentucky credit unions) in accordance with the Federal Credit Union Act. It also administers the federal share insurance program.

Periodic examinations are made of all federal credit unions by NCUA examiners to determine if operations are within the laws and regulations. In addition, the NCUA publishes manuals, reports and other written material to guide credit union official in all phases of operation.

Other Affiliates

Kentucky Corporate Federal Credit Union

Kentucky Corporate Federal Credit Union is a "credit union for credit unions" that provides investment, liquidity, securities safekeeping, and correspondence services for its members.

Kentucky Corporate is part of the Corporate Credit Union Network. Individual corporates, plus U.S. Central Credit Union, provide wholesale financial services to credit unions in all 50 states. A corporate credit union is owned by and governed by its credit union members, just as its individual members own a local credit union. And because we are a corporate credit union, we have no business conflicts with meeting the special needs of our members.

CUNA Mutual Group

CUNA Mutual Group is the leading financial services provider to credit unions and their members worldwide. With more than 300 insurance, investment and technological solutions, no other company in the world offers so many credit union-specific products.

CUNA Mutual Insurance Society is the parent organization of all the companies that together form CUNA Mutual Group. The CUNA Mutual Group includes, but is not limited to, CUNA Mutual Insurance Society, which provides accident, health and life insurance; its permanent affiliate, CUNA Mutual Life Insurance Company, which provides life and long term care insurance and annuities; CUNA Brokerage Services, Inc., which is a registered broker dealer making available investments and mutual funds to our customers; MEMBERS Capital Advisors, our registered investment advisor; CUNA Mutual Mortgage Corporation, which provides mortgage loan origination, purchasing and servicing; CMG Mortgage Insurance Company, which provides private mortgage insurance; and CUNA Mutual Insurance Agency, Inc. which helps distribute insurance and annuity products to meet special needs of our customers.

In addition to the insurance and services for credit unions provided by our Credit Union Enterprise, CUNA Mutual's Members Enterprise also provides insurance, annuities, mutual funds, and other investment products to credit union members across the United States.

CUNA Councils

CUNA Councils is a national organization for credit union professionals. Run by and for credit union executives, Councils target their networking, information and programs to key areas of credit union management. They provide resources, information, networking and professional development to credit union professionals. Membership is open to credit union employees who have responsibilities related to six key areas of credit union management. Councils are about helping individuals handle the day-to-day challenges as well as planning for future successes.

National Credit Union Foundation

The U. S. credit union movement's primary charitable and fundraising organization for worldwide credit union development.

Filene Research Institute

An independent, nonprofit organization that conducts research about credit unions and consumer finance.

Mapother and Mapother

The Kentucky Credit Union League’s retained legal firm is Mapother and Mapother, Attorneys-At-Law. Nationally known for its representation of creditors, the firm provides services in a wide range of areas to creditors throughout all of Kentucky and West Virginia, the southern half of Indiana and Ohio, and it represents many creditors on a national basis. The headquarters of the Firm is in Louisville, Kentucky, and there are regional offices located in Evansville and Jeffersonville, Indiana; Lexington, Kentucky; Cincinnati, Ohio; and Huntington, West Virginia.

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