Kentucky Credit Union Political Action Committee

What is a Political Action Committee (PAC)

A PAC is a group of individuals, to include an association, committee or organization, that is established for the primary purpose of advocating the election or defeat of one or more clearly identified candidates.

Credit union members in Kentucky have joined together to form two Kentucky Credit Union Political Action Committees-a State PAC and a Federal PAC. The State PAC supports credit union-oriented candidates for the state legislature. The Federal PAC supports candidates for federal offices. Since the PACs were formed, the contributions of its members have helped pro-credit union candidates from both the Democratic and Republican parties.

Chair: Ron Gagliardi Ron Gagliardi
Treasurer: Wendell Lyons Wendell Lyons
Asst. Treasurer: Tim Root
Secretary: Larry Moore Larry Moore
Committee Members: Johnny Abbott Johnny Abbott
  Karen Harbin Karen Harbin
  David Kennedy David Kennedy
  Richard Reese Richard Reese
  Alesha Saalwaechter Alesha Saalwaechter
  Bill Rissel Bill Rissel
  Ray Springsteen Ray Springsteen
  Michele Resch Michele Resch

For more information, contact the League’s governmental affairs representative, Debbie Painter, at or phone her at (502) 855-8205.


For information on the national Credit Union Legislative Action Council (CULAC).

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