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Kentucky Credit Union League Board of Directors

The Kentucky Credit Union League (KCUL) is governed by volunteer directors — a combination of at-large directors elected by credit union delegates when assembled at the KCUL annual meeting, and chapter directors elected on a chapter (district) level.

Lord, Gary: League Board 2nd Vice Chair
Saalwaechter, Alesha : League Board 1st Vice Chair
Sharp, Stephen B. : League Board Chairman
Wheatley, Henry : League Board Treasurer
Huether, Lynn : League Board Secretary
Adams, Paul: League/Western KY Chapter Director
Bischoff, Larry: League/Louisville Chapter Director
Board, Sharon: League/Louisville Chapter Director
Fromma, Mike: League/Blue Grass Chapter Director
Graham, John A. : League Director-at-Large
Hoppius, Bennie: League/Northern KY Chapter Director
Lucas, Larry: League/Ashland Chapter Director
Mason, Joanne: League/Green River Chapter Director

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