Join a Credit Union

Credit unions serve groups of people who share a “common bond.” Some credit unions serve only one group, while others may serve a variety of groups. A group might be the employees of a business, the military, state, local or federal governmental agencies, schools, members of a club, association or a church. Some credit unions serve the residents of a particular community. Another way credit unions spread the benefits of membership is through family membership. In most cases, family members of a credit union member are eligible to join that credit union as well.

If you are interested in finding a credit union you are eligible to join:

  • Call the Kentucky Credit Union League at (800) 333-5285 or (502) 459-8023 or send e-mail to for further assistance in locating a credit union.
  • Visit the CU Locator website to find a credit union near you. Look at the listing of other State's Credit Union Leagues.
  • Check with the personnel department where you work, or ask a fellow employee.
  • If associated with another organization such as a labor union or church, ask fellow members about credit union eligibility.
  • Ask family members if they belong to any credit unions.
  • If you belong to a "group" that does not have a credit union, there are credit unions that are taking in additional groups. For information on these credit unions, contact the Kentucky Credit Union League at (800-333-5285) or (502-459-8023). E-mail address is

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